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Baby Musical Feeding Bottle Toy

Baby Musical Feeding Bottle Toy

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Indulge your little one with the Baby Musical Feeding Bottle Toy, crafted from 100% non-toxic and odorless ABS plastic.
Measuring 14.5 * 9.5 * 4.5cm/5.71 * 3.74 * 1.77in, this high quality and elegant toy is powered by 2*AAA batteries (not included).
The sound of the high quality horn is crisp and soothing, complemented by the soft nipple design for a sense of security. Made from food-grade materials, this portable toy can be easily attached to a crib or taken on the go for a luxurious experience every time.
Elevate your little one's playtime with our Baby Musical Feeding Bottle Toy, a lavish and non-toxic ABS plastic creation.
Its sleek design, powered by easy-to-replace AAA batteries, features a top-quality horn that produces a rich and comforting sound. With a soft and secure nipple, your baby will feel a sense of class and contentment.
Whether attached to a crib or on the go, make mealtime and playtime luxurious with our food-grade and portable toy.


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