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Baby Simple Sleeping Bag -Swaddle

Baby Simple Sleeping Bag -Swaddle

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Introducing our Baby Simple Sleeping Bag - Swaddle, a must-have for any newborn. This luxurious swaddling blanket provides not only anti-surprise protection, but also shields from the sun's rays. Measuring 70 x 50cm, it is the perfect size for newborns up to 80cm. Made from the finest cotton, its delicate and smooth texture is gentle on your baby's skin. Our product follows Class A standards and is free from fluorescent agents and formaldehyde, ensuring the utmost safety for your little one. With its exquisite wrapping process, it offers durability without compromising your baby's delicate skin. Rest easy knowing your baby is surrounded by the comfort and exclusivity of our Baby Simple Sleeping Bag - Swaddle.

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